Tulsa Update

We had a great first day at Tulsa!  We heard Don McLaughlin, Rick Atchley, Edward Fudge, and a father and son-in-law preaching team Patrick Mead & Josh Graves.  There was so much good stuff–way too much for this blogger to tell.  McLaughlin, in my humble opinion was the best.  He did lessons from the book “Unchristian.” it’s basically a book about how the world views us as Christians and how we can take that information and use it to have a better chance to show them Jesus in our lives.

I also am enjoying spending time with the guys we’re staying with and the ride out.  Jason and I rode out here with Larry Kilpatrick.  We had a great time.  I really love Larry and we always have a good time.  Poor Jason could hardly get a word in edge-wise.

We are rooming with Sid Dye and Bob Hamilton one of his members at Southern Hills Church in Salem, IN.  It’s always a party with Sid around and it’s been good to meet Bob and get to know him.

I also ran into some very dear friends, Larry & Vicky Long and their daughter Jessica and her husband.  They are from the Walnut Church in Texarkana.  They were a part of our teen ministry when we worked with that church.  Jessica was in our teen group then and now is married.  Time sure does get away from us doesn’t it?

I’m looking forward to the sessions tomorrow.  If God wills, we will get to hear Jeff Walling and Randy Harris.


4 responses to “Tulsa Update

  • That Girl

    Randy Harris makes my eyes cross. I can’t think that deep.

  • Greg England

    What did you think of Patrick and Josh? Patrick is a friend of mine and I think he is outstanding!

  • cwinwc

    The real question (as Greg will appreciate) is are there any “false teachers” breeding at Tulsa?

    This was a common statement we used to hear at another church in Florida concerning the Pepperdine Lectures, as this one guy put it, “The breeding ground of false teachers.”

    Wish we were there with you. Are we going to see you in June?

  • kdavis777

    Greg, Patrick and Josh were awesome. I talked to Josh today and they had to take Patrick to the hospital last night. They did not know the problem. I will update as I know.

    Cecil, I’m still trying to work things out for June. With basketball, it’s going to be dificult if not impossible. We shall see.

    Teri, Randy was great tonight. You’re right though, he can be deep. His topic: “How To Stay Sane When Everyone Else Isn’t”

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