I believe that God is all about relationships.  This week has been wonderful when it comes to relationships.  To have been with Jason, Bob, and Sid has been a blast.  We’ve been able to laugh and cry together.  I will never forget all the laughter as we tried to find a local Pizza Hut, only to finally find it and it was closed.  I will never forget my new-found friend Bob praying for Danielle with tears in his eyes–what a heart.

It was great to spend time with the Longs from Texarkana.  We really love those wonderful people.

Even the messages have been focused on prayer and a deeper relationship with God.

Finally, I really look forward to being back with my family tomorrow, God willing.  I really miss my family.  I’m so thankful to be able to say that.  I know of so many people who are glad to get away from their families.  That’s so sad to me.  I enjoy conferences like this one, but I’m looking forward to seeing Ellen, Tabitha, Danielle, Britney, and Brandon.


2 responses to “Relationships

  • Marnie

    Glad yall are home safely. Looking forward to hearing what all you got to hear and do. Thanks for sharing tonight what you did about prayer. Enjoy your family.

  • Steve

    Glad you made it back to North Alabama safely. I didn’t know you could get to Tulsa and back from Florence. Best part of any workshop is the associations. I will miss you at Pepperdine this year. I will get to see Greg’s new digs and visit the mortuary. That will be the best part of the CA trip no doubt.


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