Statements of Wisdom From Tulsa

On Sunday morning Jason and I got up early to travel back from the Tulsa workshop–really early for us. As we were waiting on our ride, I asked Jason, “What is the most memorable statement for you this week?” He responded, “You ask me that question this early in the morning?!!” He was right really. It’s hard to think at 5:30AM. I’ve had a couple of days now to think about it and I wanted to share with you a few off the most memorable statements to me.

“When we listen to our own prayers, we find out what is important to us.”  –Randy Harris  (Speaking of how we often pray about negative things and that becomes our main focus).

“We need both mirrors and windows.”  –Don McLaughlin (Speaking of how we need to look at ourselves before we begin to look out and judge others).

“Marital fidelity reflects God’s ideal.” –Rubel Shelly (Speaking about the horrors of divorce and the joys of doing marriage God’s way).

“If you’ve been gone from the church family for months and no one calls you or misses you, it probably means you’ve not been serving.”  –Rick Atchley (Speaking about people who leave the church and then complain.  The point is, if you are serving, you probably won’t leave and if you do, people will surely notice it).

“We’ve become so biblically illiterate that we think Joan of Ark was Noah’s wife.”  –Mark Moore (That one explains itself).

“They’re going to heaven, they’re just not going to like for the first couple of weeks.”  –Patrick Mead (Speaking about legalists who focus only on the arguments and not on people).

“Am I willing to be uncomfortable in order to take the good news to our world?”  –Jeff Walling (Speaking about how we are going to have to get uncomfortable in order to change the things we need to to reach out to this post-modern age).

“We pray with our life lined up with God.  Faith is our life.  It is not just in the strength of our prayers.”  –Mark Moore (Speaking about how squinting our eyes and clinching our fists does not make our prayers stronger–a life lined up with God’s will does).

“Don’t worry about a plan that God has that we might miss.”  –Edward Fudge (Speaking about how we must trust God’s guidance and that He will never guide us into something that we can’t find in His word).

“If there is a reality that we all need to know, we will unhook ourselves from the shadow.”  –Don McLaughlin (Speaking of how in “religion” we get too focused on the things that are only the “shadow” of a “reality” that has much deeper meaning).

“God has a plan, He will work His plan and nothing will stop His plan.  We all believe this, but we don’t live like it.  If we did, we’d be the calmest people in the world.”  –Randy Harris

I hope these statements impact your life as they have mine.


5 responses to “Statements of Wisdom From Tulsa

  • gregengland

    Great pearls! I especially like the last statement by Harris. I didn’t know he’d been spying on me!

  • Meowmix

    1. “When we listen to our own prayers, we find out what is important to us.”

    2. “We need both mirrors and windows.”

    These are especially meaningful to me. Our preacher recently talked about #1, and I’ve thought about it a lot ever since. Now here it is again. 🙂 And #2? Oh, how true and how much I need to be reminded.

  • cwinwc

    Atchley is dead on with his comment.

  • Steve

    Good thoughts, Keith. God’s peace to you, bro.

  • Rusty

    “When we listen to our own prayers, we find out what is important to us.”

    Wow, I am a very selfish person. I am thinking about my prayers just this week. I guess 5% is praising God, 15% about others, and the remaining 80% is about me.

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