Not knowing how far to go with a person is part of the frustration we have in this old world. I mean it gets difficult to help others the way we want to because of this dilemma. How far is too far? I mean Jesus was treated so many ways by people who He helped–yet He somehow kept on helping.

Are we to allow people to “run over us?” Are we to hold a person’s “feet to the fire?” How much should we expect of a man or woman who is in real need of someone to trust them, yet continues to burn them for what ever reason? This is a really hard one for me.

I want to see people improve so much sometimes that I am willing to get burned. Then I think, “Did I allow them to continue in their ignorance by not holding them to a higher standard?” I also remember times in my life where people have put up with me in my ignorance that was repeated only to have me change for the better. Thank God for those people who did hold out long enough for me to change.

Maybe you have some answers for me on this.


9 responses to “Trust

  • gregengland

    I’ll be coming back to see who has the answer!

  • marnie

    This isn’t an answer but I sure can relate to that last or next-to-the last sentence.

  • cwinwc

    What you describe my friend is an imperfect science of which there are no (in my opinion) established procedures that work every time. The only thing you can be sure in this area are your motives.

  • Donna

    Loving people and seeing them as God sees them is a fruit of the Spirit that I need to develop more in my life. If I could just get to the point that I know that God loves them, and if I could convince them of that….

    No, I don’t have any answers….

  • Meowmix

    I don’t know that this is an answer, but this is generally how I deal with the issue.

    I’m not responsible for the actions of others, only mine. If I love someone, help someone, or treat someone graciously and it does no good, or they continue in ways that are to their detriment, whether spiritual or otherwise, that is THEIR action, not mine. It isn’t up to me to force their reaction to my kindness to be a good one. And, so, at my best, this is the philosophy I try to live by. After being burned several times, the trust issue gets harder, yes, and it hurts, and lots of times, I DON’T act according to the best in me; but if I can go ahead with the actions and attitudes I think Christ expects of me, then I’m okay.

    It gets a little easier to keep cutting others slack when I remember, as you mentioned, how many times people have continued to believe in the best of me, even when I’m acting the worst. Like I said, this is probably not an answer; it’s just what works for me most of the time.

  • Jason

    Personally, I think you know what you are to do. You mentioned the greatest example that we have of helping others, Jesus. Look at what He did and said. Love God, Love Others…remember that? He said that we are to love others as our selves. To me that means that we have to help them no matter what. We cannot be responsible for what they do, but we must at least show them Jesus in some little way.
    We will plant many seeds in our day, but we may not see the fruits of them. How many times did Peter mess up, yet he became a great leader. Christ tells us the we have to forgive our brother how many times? 7, or 70 times 7? He also tells us to turn the other cheek.
    I guess that I said all of this rambling mess to say this, we know that we have to help others. Christ left us that example and He did not play favorites. He simply helped those that needed help. He also told us that when we do help the least of these people that we are serving Him. I think that we just have to help people and pray that they will do what is right. That is what we would want someone to do for us, right?

  • Steve

    I think there is a vast difference between accountability and discretion. Jesus used discretion very often when dealing with hard hearted people as opposed to open hearted people. He had a high level of accountability for both groups, but was very gentile with those who were open hearted.


  • marnie

    I agree that there is a difference in helping someone and enabling them. Sometimes we want to help someone and when we do, they may not make the changes that we were hoping to see. I believe this is when we have to ask ourselves, are we serving, helping or doing what God would have us do concerning this person. With His leading and guidance we may come to see that the original path we would have taken to help may not be what’s in that person’s best interest. And the final choice of service may not be what the receipient was hoping to get out of the deal but we must remember the goal. Our true service and obedience is to God’s plan and not what others dictate.

  • gregengland

    Don’t forget that Jesus also told his followers to “shake the dust” from their feet … there are times we have to do the same but no one can tell you when that time has come. You have to make that call on your own.

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