Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a very special time of the year for me. I have two reasons for that.

I don’t know where I would be without my mother. She has been a solid rock in my life for nearly 44 years now. She prayed for me when I was good and bad. She endured through so many hard times with my dad and did so to the point that she saw him change his life for the good and begin serving the Lord. She taught me how to take care of myself in the home and outside the home. She got me my first full time job and encouraged me in it. I’m so blessed to still have her in my life and hope to for many years to come.

I also married a great mom. Ellen is the spiritual rock of our family. When all else fails, we can depend on her to be there. She keeps a wonderful house. I’m never ashamed to open the door when people just “drop in.” I never worry about having supper on the table. There are a million little things she does that make our lives so good and easy. We often take her for granted. It’s not on purpose–she just has done so well we have learned to expect it. But I can’t express how much I appreciate her. Our children are blessed to have someone who cares so much for them. I know they won’t be able to really appreciate her until they have children of their own.

I just wanted you to know how I felt about these two wonderful people in my life.


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