Wonderful Night of Celebration

Tonight we celebrated with friends and family.  We had a “pre-graduation” party.  We had nearly 80 people in attendance and a host of folks who could not attend.  It was a blast.  I have to say a hearty thanks to my wife Ellen for her hard work in putting this event together.  There was so much food that we brought some of it home with us.  What a wonderful hostess.  She made sure that everyone had a great time.  She is such a gift from God in our lives.

We watched a video slide presentation that we’ve been working on for some time now.  As the pictures scrolled through, it was impossible to hold back tears of joy and pride as we watched before our eyes this beautiful young lady grow up.  From infancy, to childhood, to young lady, it was awesome to see her go from dressing up at Halloween, to being dressed for the prom, and finally in her senior gown.

To all of you who read this and were there, we can’t say thank you enough.  Your presence, your words of encouragement for Danielle, and your gifts were all memories that Danielle will never forget.  I’m so glad to have so many good people surrounding her as she gets ready to launch into adulthood.

Thanks to all my blog family who without ever meeting Danielle have prayed for and supported us through so much in the past few years. God bless you all!!


7 responses to “Wonderful Night of Celebration

  • Marnie

    It was a blessing to be there! Thanks for letting us be a part of this special time in Danielle’s life. Thanks also to Ellen for all the food. You really did an outstanding job. Congratulations again to Danielle and I’m so glad things worked out for your graduation. God bless you all

  • Donna

    It is amazing how much joy and pride I feel for a young lady I have never met face to face. I love the community that allows for us to share in each others joys on our mutual journey.

  • Meowmix

    I’m so happy and excited for Danielle. God is good, and He hears our prayers.

  • Allison

    Hi Kevin. My husband and I hope to visit your church this coming Sunday (May 22). Can you tell me a little bit about your church? I’d like to know about your middle school ministry, elementary school ministry, and music/worship ministry. Thanks!
    Allison Mackey

  • gregengland

    Congrats all around! This is an exciting time in the life of a family.

  • Keith Davis

    Allison, Send me an email at kdavis777@juno.com.

  • cwinwc

    Enjoy the time Dad and congrats again to Danielle.

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