Perspective is a difficult thing to keep. When I place the problems of my life next to the suffering that other are going through, many times my problems begin to pale in comparison. When I begin to compare our way of living as opposed to a third world country, it makes things like fuel prices, grocery prices, and the economical crunch that we are “suffering” through seem not so bad. We must keep our perspective.

How many times has someone done something to you to hurt you and you think, “How petty they are!” Does it ever occur to us that our “petty” may be their “not so petty.” Someone once said that “one man’s mountain is another man’s mole hill.” That’s so true.

I think one of our problems when it comes to perspective is that we put too much stock in this world. We have it so good that when tragedy comes, or even then little problems come, we really don’t know how to handle it too well. This is a broken world with lots of broken people, places, and events. It’s not ever going to be totally fixed. It’s probably to our advantage to put that into our perspective.

We used to sing an old hymn called, “This World Is Not My Home.” The concept that “I’m just a passing through” is a true perspective helper. It tells me to think of this life as a journey. It is a short period of time in which there will be many ups and downs. It is trip of sorts that we are taking which leads us right on into eternity. That’s where we want to really live!

God help me to keep my world in perspective so that I can see what You have in store for me in the home that You are preparing for me.


2 responses to “Perspective

  • Meowmix

    So true! I once read that if we all hung our troubles out on the line like laundry so we could see ours and those around us we would rush out to claim our own and bring them back in the house. Perspective is a tenuous thing. When we are in the middle of a “trouble,” sometimes it’s not much comfort to be told to look around at how many have it so much worse. Right then, we’re only feeling what we feel. But if we can raise our heads just long enough to acknowledge the world is still going on around us, we CAN see the blessings of our own station in life.

  • gregengland

    In many ways, isn’t that why we take communion weekly … a reminder not just of the death and resurrection of Jesus, but an out of this world perspective on life in this world??

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