God’s Beauty

We do not serve a boring God.  Yesterday and today especially I’ve seen some of God’s most wonderful creatures, nature, and people.  We went to Sea World yesterday.  It was too late and I was too tired to blog when I got back to the resort.  This morning I couldn’t sleep (again) so I decided to take a walk down the beach.  Being a North Alabama born and bred guy, I just don’t get to do that too often.  My guess is those who do probably take it for granted. I’ve decided to let this blog speak of God’s beauty through pictures.

Some of God’s most beautiful and smart creatures–Dolphins

Shamu the killer whale – one really big mammal!

Clyde and Seymore – two very funny sea lions.

Funniest guy in the park – The Pirate Mime.

The sunrise on the ocean.  This is what you can see when you can’t sleep here.  Wow!

God’s most beautiful creation in my life – my family.

My silly kids.


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