Highlight of the Trip

God is awesome! Of course I know you know that, but really, God is awesome! Spiritual growth and excitement shows up in the most unexpected places sometimes.

Of all the things there is to do in central Florida, (Disney World, Sea World, Space Museums, Museums of all kinds, and tons more than that) last night was the highlight of the trip for me. You must wonder which attraction I’m talking about. The attraction was our kids with some of the youth group from Central church and a visit from friends.

I didn’t know that anything but a visit from Cecil and Barbara was going to happen. Boy was I wrong. First we got to meet the better half (no offense Cecil) of the Cecil and Barbara couple. It was a pleasure just sitting and talking to good friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Then came the kids.

The group you see pictured provided ample entertainment for us all. It didn’t take long, however, for the kids to be outta here and to the resort swimming pool and putt putt golf course. When they finished there, they came back to the resort room to finish off all the cookies, then off to the beach.

About midnight, I called to see where they were and when they were coming back. Brandon said, “We’re just down at the beach singing.” They had gone down and worshiped. From what my kids told me later, they had a truly wonderful God moment! There was sharing (I don’t know all the details, but i don’t have to know everything) their love for God and one another. These kids just met! God is truly awesome.

They got back to the room and we sat with all of these kids for another hour talking about stories of mischief and fun. This group of kids told about things that they have experienced at church camp, neighborhoods, and school. Ellen and I told a few stories ourselves.

When I took these teens back to their car at the end of the night, I was amazed. They shook my hand and talked about how wonderful their night was. One told me what a pleasure it was to meet me and my family. Very mature! I told them how much I appreciated their treating my kids so well. They spoke highly of my kids back to me.

When they left and I returned to my room, my kids were still talking about how wonderful their night was. They spoke of the genuine “realness” in the lives of their new-found friends. They talked about how awesome God was in bringing them together. We talked about how to take this spirit home. it’s the Spirit of God they were speaking of. They may not understand all there is to know about that, and neither can I, but I know this. Only God could have orchestrated such an evening. He had some willing subjects though in our kids. What a special night!


6 responses to “Highlight of the Trip

  • Meowmix

    This story just has to initiate warmth and smiles in the hearts of all who read it. Thank you so much for sharing. Yes, our God is an awesome God!

  • cwinwc

    Yes, our kids are adept at practicing the fine Southern Art of, “Showing up.” They really enjoyed hanging out with you (Steven’s words, “Mr. Keith is awesome.”) and your family as well.

    Like all kids they’re not perfect but unlike a lot of kids, they enjoy worshiping in “Spirit and in truth,” or as they say today, “keeping it real.” They really enjoyed keeping it real with your kids.

    It has been great to have you and the family in our Central Florida playground. Now all we need to do is have all of our blog buddies come down and we can really have some fun.

  • cwinwc

    How do you guys like Steven’s sunglassses? I’m thinking of getting a pair just like them.

  • Steve

    Glad you are enjoying the hospitality of the Sunshine state and the Central Church crew. Although your associations are a bit dubious, I “think” I can still fellowship you!

    See you tonight at Florida Seafood.


  • Donna

    That is so great! For all of you, glad you got to meet each other.

  • gregengland

    Though my tenure in Florida was basically a living nightmare, for the most part it’s very difficult to find better people than those you find in Florida. Not saying they are better than others, just that they are some of the finest people on this earth.

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