Blessed Week

I guess it’s true what the group Chicago sang, “Everybody needs a little time away.”  This week has been good.  We have met new friends, got to spend time with people we love dearly, and had loads of fun in the process.

Last night we went to eat with Cecil, Barbara & Steven, Steve Puckett, and our new friend Mark.  We ate some great seafood and had wonderful conversation.  Afterward, we came back to the resort for a short visit.  The kids all went swimming and we came back to the room for one last visit.  After a short visit, Cecil led us all in prayer and asked God’s blessings on our travel.  I really appreciated that.  Cecil and Barbara left and when the kids got back to the room, we said our goodbyes to two of the nicest young men I’ve ever met.  Thanks to all of those teens at Central.  They treated my kids with kindness and respect.

Florida has been nice, but I’m ready to return to our home.  We feel tired, but rejuvenated somehow.  We look forward to getting back to our church family and growing God’s kingdom in the Shoals area.  God is good and this has been a blessed week.


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