Father’s Day Early Gift

My eldest called me up yesterday and asked me about what day this week I could go out for lunch.  She explained that she had to work on Sunday right after church time and would not get to have lunch with us.  She wanted to take me out for Father’s Day.  So, I got an early gift today. 

We had lunch and hung out for a couple of hours together.  I think that’s pretty cool and I really appreciated it.  On top of that, she told me that she had a gift for me at home that she wanted me to open when everyone was there. Cool!  Not the gift, but my daughter.  She could have a sack of rocks and they would be special just because she got them for me.  The real gift was the time spent with my daughter who cared enough to spend time with me.  Thanks Woo Woo!!


2 responses to “Father’s Day Early Gift

  • Meowmix

    Thanks for sharing that daughter and special time with us, Dad! 🙂

  • gregengland

    Time with the kids … truly the best gift a father can receive. I really hate to add this next comment … honestly, I really do hate to write it, but WAIT ‘TILL YOU HAVE A GRANDKID!

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