Great Book!!

I just finished a book that is really inspiring.  The book is called “Never Say Diet” by Chantel Hobbs.  Ellen and I were just browsing a book store.  I found it interesting to see a book about diet in the Christian section.  This book was right next to “UnChristian” (another good one by the way).  That seemed odd to me.  Anyway, I picked it up and read a couple of pages and I was hooked.  It took only a few days to have this one finished.  This lady lost 200 pounds and did it healthily and is keeping it off.

I found out why it was in the Christian section.  She writes the book from a Christian perspective.  She tells of her decision to pray about her health.  God placed on her heart to work at it and she trusted Him for help.  That’s a real “nutshell” story of her decision, but I couldn’t stop reading.  In fact, the book would be inspirational for any number of problem areas in our lives because it’s a book about trusting God to help us out of a tough plight and doing what it takes to make necessary changes in our lives in order to “do our best for Him.”

It’s very unusual for me to read a book of more than 200 pages in just 3 or 4 days.  That tells you how inspirational it was.  Pray for me as I try and work this plan.  I’ve tried almost everything else to get in shape and I usually don’t announce things like this for fear of failure, but I’m going try this.  It’s going to take a lot of time, but it’s going to be worth it.  It seems very sensible and I sure like the idea of ditching dieting for the rest of my life.

Check it out at


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