Spirit of Cooperation

Into the Garden of Eden.  Kelly from Macedonia inviting us in.Our Bible School is going great. We continue to have a wonderful spirit prevail. The children are off the chain with their love of singing and dancing. I often wonder what Sunday mornings would look like if worship was like that. Children are so uninhibited and open with how they feel about things. it’s just wonderful.

Sawyer and Britney as Adam and EveOne thing I’m really enjoying is the spirit of cooperation between Creekside and Macedonia. I’m so appreciative for a sister congregation who will spend the kind of time and energy that Macedonia is doing at Creekside. I am thrill with how our people at Creekside are showing up and working hard. The work load is shared. The love is strong between us. I look forward to our relations in the future.

What Bible School is all about--the kids!!One more thing: Tonight Ellen experienced a peak moment with our nephew’s young son. He ran up to Ellen after the night was over and exclaimed, “Look, we made baby Jesus tonight.” I don’t know if it was a drawing or what, but this is a child who hasn’t been to a church or Jesus related function probably more than five times in his life. Thank you God that you placed in our hearts the idea to have this event! If that little boy learns about Jesus, it was worth all the hard work. Praise God!!


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