New Territory

Ellen, Tabitha, and I are beginning a new phase in our new healthier lifestyle.  We have stuck with the plan now for eight weeks, which means we are starting phase three this week.  This is extremely new territory for us in this process.  This is the phase where we really get much stricter on our eating.  We will be restricting ourselves to 1500 calories or less a day for four weeks.  That’s strict compared to where we’ve been.

Phase 1 began the exercise portion of the process.  We have continued that through phase two which was to give up the one thing that is our greatest downfall in eating.  Ours was sugar.  We’ve been without sweets now for our weeks.  Along with the exercise and simply giving up sugar, we’ve all lost weight.  Ellen’s lost  7 lbs, Tabitha 8lbs, and I’ve lost 11lbs.  When we start this next phase, the weight will really start coming off.

Some of the benefits of this so far has been much more energy, better ability to endure exercise, I can walk up my steps at home without feeling winded.  I’ve been able to play tennis again.  And just having gone through the process with success has given us all the feeling of accomplishment that we haven’t felt in a long time.

One of the purposes we are to accomplish in the next phase is to “make food boring.”  It is a phase that teaches us that food is simply fuel for the body.  We eat for energy not for pleasure.  In our culture we tend to eat for entertainment instead of  nourishment.  In making food not so interesting, we hope to accomplish a brain change as much as a body change.  In changing how we think about food, we will tend to want to eat for the right reasons.

Thanks for your prayers and comments of encouragement.


4 responses to “New Territory

  • That Girl

    You’ll have to post a new picture so we can see less of you!

    It helps to have the support of other people. Hang in there! I’m ok on the exercise but I haven’t even considered giving up sugar… maybe I should consider that. I’d be a grumpy girl!!! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  • Meowmix

    Is this a program that has a name or something you came up with on your own? It sounds very good, and I’m extremely proud of all of you. Keep on keepin’ on. I’m thinking about you.

  • cwinwc

    Congrats on the exercise and the weight loss. Keep it up and we’ll have to meet up in Colorado this Summer and climb a 13 or a 14,000ft. peak!

    I’ll leave with our WW lady’s favorite saying, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”

  • jel

    Way to go!

    ya can do it! 😉


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