Lifting Holy Hands – A Miracle!

If we could only step above the controversies in our lives and see that some things we argue about are so insignificant.  Last night at Refuel (a monthly teen worship experience that we are a part of) the singing was so awesome led by the Crosspoint Church’s praise team.  Why did I ever wonder or criticize people for “lifting holy hands” to God?  As I have learned more and more about my God and His awesome power, majesty, honor, and glory, I get so awestruck that lifting hands to Him seems such a small thing, but at the same time such a huge expression of my desire to be with Him.  It’s much like my children used to do when they were small.

Anyway, this whole thought came into my head because of a video that a friend of mine sent to me.  Please take about 6 minutes and watch something that just might help us put into perspective the miracle of just being able to lift our hands.  As my friend who sent it to me said, “You really have to see it to believe it.”  Also remember this–the next time you feel the urge to raise your hands to the sky in worship to the Father, just do it.  He will be honored and after seeing this video, you’ll be more and more blessed.

And by the way, Greg, you will appreciate this video bigtime because it involves a guitar!


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