I’m watching the presidential debate as I type this.  Wouldn’t it be cool if one of them stopped and said something like this:  “The real answer to our problems lies in the faith that we have as a country in Jehovah God of the Bible, His Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Watching this debate has taught me once again the fact that politics will never save our country.  A focus on God will.


3 responses to “Focus

  • Meowmix

    Amen, brother! What I’m always hoping is that somebody will answer a question put directly to them with a direct answer! 🙂 Overall, I think they both did pretty well. I know who I’m going to vote for. Maybe I’m narrow-minded but I doubt the debates are going to make that much difference. I may be wrong; I’ve been wrong before! Basically, I hate debates, but I felt compelled to sit through this one and will probably do so for the rest of them. But I refuse to listen to everybody “instant replay” it. Opinions are opinions after all, and everyone has one!

  • -bill

    You are so right about this, brother! We really do need to keep our eye on the ball, don’t we?

    Bill Williams

  • gregengland

    I listened to the first hour of the debate (something I had not planned to do) and then turned it off. You are right, though, we’ve never been able to save ourselves from ourselves.

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