Incredible Teens

Ellen and I worked in Youth Minstry for nearly twenty years.  We’ve seen lots of great kids and had some of the most wonderful experiences of our lives.

Right now at Creekside our teens are about as close to one another as we’ve ever seen in a teen group.  They spend so much time together.  That time is both scheduled time as a youth group and time that they get together themselves.  To me, when young people have so much desire to be together that they “make it happen” themselves, that’s community and fellowship.

My kids are closest to their friends at Creekside than any other group in their lives.  That’s so important for us as parents.  They laugh together, cry together, and are growing up in Christ together–Priceless.

Today they perfomred a drama that I hope to get a video copy of on this blog.  It’s called “Set Me Free.”  After the presentation, they shared with the church family things they need to be set free from, things they are being set free from, and things they have been set free from.  What great hearts!!  I’m so proud of every one of them.  They have really blessed our church family and I look forward to great things from them in the future.


3 responses to “Incredible Teens

  • Meowmix

    That seeking each other out when they don’t have to………….what a great thing to happen! Although sometimes we adults do that, we probably don’t do it enough………

  • cwinwc

    There’s nothing better than a “bind us together” youth group. Glad ours got to hang out with yours this summer.

  • gregengland

    I look back on my few years of youth ministry with great memories. You’ve got a wonderful family there at Creekside … I hope the people there know just how special they are considering where they are!

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