Weight Goal Number One Accomplished

I know I’m writing this on a Sunday and that’s unusual for me anyway, but I could not resist.  This morning I stepped on the scales hoping to see what I thought I’d see.  It was not the exact number I thought it would be.  It was a pound less!!!  This morning I weighed 199.6!!!!!!

When I set out to lose weight 4 months ago tomorrow, I wanted as my first goal to weigh under 200 lbs by November 4 (My 25th wedding anniversary).  I have blown that one out of the water.  When I married Ellen on November 4, 1983, I weighed 198 lbs.  Today, October 12, 2008, I have reached my first goal.  It is an incredible feeling.

I have lost 2 pant sizes from a 38 to a 34.  I’ve lost two shirt sizes from a 2XL to a large.  Ellen and Tabitha are right behind me.  Although I’m not sure of Tabitha’s specifics, she has lost 23lbs and is looking great and feeling great!!  Ellen has lost 29 lbs and has gone from a size 12 to a size 8 in pants and from a large to a medium in shirts.  We’ve had a couple of dates where we just go and try on clothes for the fun of it.  It has been a blast.

My ultimate goal is 180-185.  I hope to reach that by Thanksgiving.  I don’t think it will be a problem.

I want to give God the glory for answering my prayer about the will power for all of us to have to continue this awesome trip.  Please keep on praying.  Maybe when this is all over, I can post some before and after pics.


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