“Im A Winner”

When you hear the phrase, “I’m a winner,” what first comes to your mind?  Do you think of a sporting event where a player is being interviewed?  Maybe you think of a contestant who has just taken home the grand prize.  And there’s always the thought of that cocky person who just thinks they are God’s gift to mankind and deems themselves the winner at everything.  Don’t you just love to be around that kind of person?

Well, last Saturday I heard those words from a man in the hospital with terminal cancer.  He was getting ready to go home with a morphine pump for the pain.  His words to me were, “I don’t understand why I have to go through this, but God has a plan and I’m a winner.”  What a testimony.  I stood in awe of his faith in Jesus.  He certainly understands that faith is truly the victory.

I think of these words in scripture when I hear someone proclaim Jesus in that way:  (Revelation 14:13 NCV)  “…Happy are the dead who die from now on in the Lord.  The Spirit says, ‘Yes, they will rest from their hard work, and the reward of all they have done stays with them'”


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