What Would You Die For?

I may have asked this on my blog before.  I can’t remember.  Last night we talked about “Sacrifice” at our monthly meeting with the college and young adults group.  We call it the “ConXion.”  It is a time of worship, praise, and challenge.

We looked at some movie clips from the movie “Luther.”  He stood for what he believed even though he knew it might cost him his life.  He stood in the face of Rome and the Catholic church and basically told them that they were mistaken about a great many things.  When confronted with the choice to recant what he said in his writings or face possible death, Luther chose to stand by what he had said.

Our discussion boiled down to two main questions.  1. What would you sacrifice in order to see the truths of God’s word preserved?  2.  For what truths would you put your life on the line?

When you start asking the questions like that, my list gets small.  I can boil it down to really one or maybe two.  How would you answer?  What makes us fear or not fear such questions?


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