Lunch With Steve/Prayer Request

Just got back from lunch with the “Puckster” as Cecil calls him.  Ellen, Steve Puckett, and myself had lunch  together.  We met at Legends in downtown Florence.  It was really good to see him.   I always enjoy Steve coming to visit his mom because we get to visit as well. One of those times he got to sing on our praise team.  He’s quite a tenor singer too.

Please pray for Ellen and me.  We are going tomorrow to divorce court.  Wait!  Not for us, but hopefully for a good thing.  We are meeting with two couples who have chosen to resend their divorce proceedings.  One of our judges has made it a quest of his to help these couples to not have to come back to divorce court ever again.

The way we are trying to help is through marriage mentoring.  We will meet with these couples at least once a month to simply talk about marriage.  They have to agree to the process, but if they will, I’m sure we can help.  Please pray that they will make a go of it.

One reason the judge is trying to get this to fly is the poor success rate of couples that try and stop divorce proceedings.  He says that 75% of them return six months later to go ahead with the divorce.  He thinks that through marriage mentoring they can slow that rate down and help these couples be more successful.

I see it as an opportunity to get into our community in a unique way with the love of Jesus.  If these folks can see that there’s hope in their marriage, then maybe we can help them find real hope in Jesus Christ.


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