Interesting Encounter With Couples

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts about our meeting today.  Here’s the report as far as I can tell.  We were scheduled to meet with three couples, but one of them had to reschedule.  You have to remember that these couples are wanting to have their divorce proceedings resended.

The first couple arrived a couple of minutes early.  I had stepped out of the room for a couple of minutes just before they got there.  The husband was friendly, extending his hand and introducing himself to Ellen.  The wife was not.  She immediately said, “Why are we here?  We’re going to counseling.”  Ellen explained that we were not counselors and that I would be back shortly to explain.

When I got back to the room, I asked them if they knew why they were there.  She said that they were basically court ordered to be there and she had work to do and needed to get going and gone.  She was not a happy camper.

After explaining that we were not there to do anything but help them in their marriage and we were volunteers who just cared that their marriage work, she really chilled out.  Her husband said that she was the one who started this whole divorce process, but did not act like he was all that interested in stopping it.  We did not set a specific date to meet with them, but we did exchange phone numbers.  I got their permission to call them back.

The second couple was the exact opposite of the first.  They were much younger and much happier to be there.   I asked them why they wanted to stop their divorce.  The wife said, “Because of our children.”  They have two boys age two and four.  The husband said that since they had been separated they older boy had been really hurt and was acting out about it.  They could not stand to see him hurt and decided to give it another go. They were willing to set a date to meet.  Ellen and I both left the room so excited that we will have an opportunity to help this young couple.

We signed on to be contacts any time they need us.  Please continue to pray for this process.  We have a lot of work to do, but see it as a real blessing and opportunity.


3 responses to “Interesting Encounter With Couples

  • Donna

    It is amazing all the blessings that can come from loving children. I pray that this will be a blessing to you both as well.

  • gregengland

    Well, you can help those who want to be helped. As for the first couple, it’s really sad when one seems to want to make an attempt at restoration but the other doesn’t. It’s the one who doesn’t care that has the most power in the relationship. Very sad.

  • cwinwc

    I missed your previous post but what a blessing you and Ellen will be to your community. Powerful, powerful stuff!

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