Awesome Day

We had a wonderful Sunday at Creekside.  It really started on Saturday for some.  We had a chicken stew and some of the guys that take care of that stayed up all night cooking and getting ready for it.  They cooked nearly 80 gallons of stew and by Sunday after lunch, it was all gone.  We sold it by the gallon and half gallon.  For the church, the teens served the adults and money was donated to them for their service and the stew.  We raised nearly $1000.00 for our teens to go to Winterfest.  Wow!!  I think it’s awesome for our youth to do things like this.  It teaches them to earn their way instead of having it given to them.  They are learning the value and rewards of hard work.

The worship time was wonderful as well.  Our praise team led songs ranging from old traditional hymns to contemporary Christian tunes.  One of our shepherds led our thoughts for communion, using a chain and talked about how Jesus sets us free from the chains of sin.  My sermon focused on Romans 5-7.  God spoke through me from these passages about how we often excuse ourselves and sin based on Paul’s struggles of Romans 7, and we ignore Romans 6 that teaches us that we are “slaves to Christ.”  This slavery is a choice and we cannot live a lifestyle of sin while claiming Jesus as Lord.  We watched some video illustrations about how God uses small things to His glory.  One of the videos taught that our lives leave a “ripple effect.”  The questions of this video that I will never forget was, “What will be the residue of your life?  What will you leave behind?”

Sunday ended with our teens deciding on their own to go and see the movie, “Fireproof.”  If you’ve not seen it, it is a must see–especially for those who are married or are thinking about mariage.  I think it’s wonderful for our teens to go together to see movies like this.  What a lesson!

All in all, the whole day was a victory in my life.  It was a day where I rested easy in my own quiet moments and enjoyed even the busy moments.  Ellen and I even got to spend some alone time out to eat.  I wonder how God feels when we pour out our lives to Him in praise, work, quiet time, and fellowship.  I hope it feels as good to Him as it does to us.


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