Last night we experienced Refuel with our teens again.  This is a monthly gathering of teens in a worship experience.  Last night was one of the best nights of worship we’ve had.  Jeremy always begins by letting the kids know that they are in a “safe” environment for worship.  They are free to worship God and express themselves to Him in their own way.  There is always singing, shouting, clapping, and joyous laughter throughout the night.

Last night, Jeremy asked us to do something that we’ve not been asked to do in that service yet.  He asked us to get on our knees before God.  We sang “How Great Is Our God” and “Still.”  It was one of the most spiritual moments I’ve spent in a group setting in worship in my life!  To kneel before our awesome, mighty, wonderful God and lift our hands in honor and praise to Him was an experience I shall not soon forget.  It’s something that I wish I felt myself more and more comfortable doing on a regular basis.

I am so blessed to be a part of this experience.  God has led me to a place in my worship that I thought I’d never be.  It is a place of freedom–complete freedom.  It is a place not dictated by rules and regulations.  It is a place that I only want to take deeper and deeper.

Being in this place in my worship with Him has made my walk on a daily basis stronger.  I feel closer to Him than ever.  I never want to leave this place.


4 responses to “Refuel–Incredible!

  • Donna

    I am so happy for you and you give me such hope that it is possible in Alabama.

  • gregengland

    Sounds like another great evening. Some of the most meaningful experiences of worship in my life have been in the context of teens worshiping.

  • cwinwc

    Agree with Greg. We spoke to our church this past Sunday about our Colorado / Wildness Trek trip. At 13,700 feet we sang, “We Shall Assemble on the Mountain.” For me, the unity and lack of whining of our teens along with the setting made that a “mountain top” experience for me.

  • Meowmix

    Sounds wonderful. You know, I remember much older preachers kneeling during prayer. I haven’t seen anyone do that in a very long time. This memory would be from childhood.

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