Great Weekend

Last Thursday Ellen and I left home for Huntsville to spend a day together just shopping and taking it easy.  After the generosity of our church family, we had more opportunities to purchase clothes that we both have needed for a few weeks due to losing weight.  For those of you who have struggled with losing weight and have experienced conquering this monster to the point of buying new clothes, you know the joy of having getting to do this.  This was a really special day.

That night we traveled back to Athens to spend the rest of the weekend at a Family Dynamics Facilitator Training Seminar.  We went through this program a couple of years ago and led one class.  We then allowed our certification to lapse.  This was a time to renew our certification, but it was so much more.  We met many new friends and made our great relationship even better.   I hope that if you’ve never been a part of this program you will take that opportunity if you get it.  Ellen and I will, Lord willing, be leading a class at Creekside beginning in February.  If you are close enough to Florence and would like to join in, please let us know.

On Sunday we had a special treat for worship.  We worshiped with the Friendship United Methodist Church in Athens.  This was the host church for the seminar and the worship leader is one of our “sons” in the faith from our youth ministry days.  I baptized this young man years ago at Florence Boulevard.  It was an incredible experience watching John lead us in worship so well.  It made us proud to see him in this position.  He really loves the Lord.  He and his wife Jessica have a beautiful little 8 month old boy named Noah.  Wow, our kids having kids.

One touching scene during worship was a young man (probably in his late twenties or early thirties) in a wheel chair.  I watched him as he got out of his van in the parking lot earlier.  He had no legs.  As we worshiped, Ellen tapped me on the arm and we saw this young man with his hands lifted high to the heavens in praise to the Father.  What a moment!  The next time I feel ashamed or nervous about lifting my hands in public worship, I hope I can see this guy who is praising God in his condition.  Awesome!!


5 responses to “Great Weekend

  • cwinwc

    Throw out those old “fat” clothes brother! As our WW Lady says, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”

  • Donna

    What a blessing to worship with one of your “kids”. I will think of your story when I am hesitant to raise my hands again too!

  • gregengland

    Glad you and Ellen are so committed to each other and to helping couples. I always loved to see my “kids” grow in their faith.

  • Steve

    What a special surprise and blessing! God’s peace to you both. Hope to see you in North Alabama some time next year.


  • Meowmix

    When told I was “borderline” diabetic some years ago, I strictly adhered to the diet plan and exercise and lost 40 pounds. I’ve been up and down but still holding steady at that weight loss, though it needs to be more! It was a LOT of fun doing the closet thing. Congratulations and glad you had a fun day, as well as an inspiring and uplifting worship time. It doesn’t take much looking around to realize how blessed we are and how thankful we need to be, does it?

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