Incredible Black Friday Event

Those words “Black Friday” sound so terrible.  I really don’t know the origin of the phrase, but we all know to what it refers.  It’s the day after Thanksgiving when people stand in line for the opening of the department stores in order to get the best deals.  Some people camp out in front of the stores for two days in order to buy a laptop or video game.  It’s crazy.

What’s crazier is an idea that we learned about through the internet.  A church in Mobile, Alabama called “Deeper Life Fellowship”  gave away hot chocolate to those people standing in line.  We decided to try this ourselves.  I called the church and asked them how they did this.  They used a back pack with a hose that dispensed the hot chocolate into the cup.

When I inquired as to how much this apparatus cost, I was told $300.00. We could not afford to buy one of these right now and decided to do the project anyway and use Igloo coolers instead.  Two days after talking with Pastor Mark Wyatt from Deeper Life, he called me back and said that his church wanted to purchase one of the back packs for us.  How generous!  We received our pack about a week before Thanksgiving and the event went great.  We are so appreciative of Deeper Life Fellowship for their generosity.

We met at 2am Friday morning to begin the process of making the hot chocolate.  Around 3:30 about 24 of us hit the sidewalks to bless people.  We took marshmallows and candy canes.  We got the strangest looks from people with that back pack.  People thought we were selling the chocolate.  When we told them it was free they couldn’t believe it.  People wanted to know where we were from.  Not one person was rude or mean to us.  People even thanked us and cheered when we cried out, “Free Hot Chocolate!”

It is amazing how people are caught off guard when we do something kind for them–no strings attached.  People just can’t believe it sometimes.  That’s one of our main goals is to simply love people because we’ve been loved.  We want our community to have no reason to or excuse to say evil about the church.  Please pray for us that we can keep our focus on doing good for those around us.

Most of all, we want God to receive the honor and glory.  We are looking forward to seeing His kingdom spread abroad in the hearts of people in the Shoals area.  Paul said that we plant and water and God gives the increase.  The really cool thing about something like this is the fact that we don’t have to worry about “results” because we see them as the event is happening and we will see them as attitudes change about God’s church for the better.

The following is a video of the event that I hope you enjoy.  I hope I did this correctly. 


6 responses to “Incredible Black Friday Event

  • thomas

    hey im glad the hot chocolate operation worked. it is nice to give than recieve.

  • Donna

    What a blessing you were to those misguided folks who were not in bed where they belonged!!

  • cwinwc

    Powerful testimony Bro.
    Kudos to Deeper Life Fellowship for helping you guys out. Nice lesson for our fellowship to see, learn, and do.

    Kudos to you and Creekside. Thanks for passing along the idea.

  • gregengland

    Great outreach! Saw a lot of Bama sweatshirts in those crowds. What a gift from Deeper Life Fellowship. My guess is they were as blessed to give you the backpack as you were to hand out the hc!

  • Church of God

    Unfortunately people have come to expect that if someone you don’t know talks to you in public they must be trying to sell something. Great job getting out their and meeting lots of people with nice hot chocolate offerings!

  • Meowmix

    What a neat thing to do, and how wonderful for the other church to help yours and how wonderful that you accepted! Maybe if something like this had been done in that city in New York, that guy wouldn’t have been trampled to death by, as someone said, misguided shoppers.

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