Tough Two Days

We’ve had a tough couple of days with kid sickness and injury.  Tabitha began a couple of days ago with some kind of stomach bug we thought.  We came to discover that she had a severe kidney infection.  She was a sick puppy.  She is much better today.  She was able to keep down solid foods and even got out of the house.

Last night began what looks like a nightmare for Brandon’s basketball season.  We came home from Bible study and things were going great.  Ellen and I went to the grocery store (Wally-World) for a ready supply of food.  When we arrived home, the kids helped us unload and put away the groceries.  After that, Brandon went downstairs to the laundry room to do something.  Ellen was there with him.  We were all in just fun jovial moods (except Tabitha who still felt a bit queasy).  Brandon, while talking to mom, backed up and tripped on the table leg.  When he caught himself with his right hand mainly, he felt a “pop” in his thumb.  He nearly passed out from the shock and the pain.  I don’t remember when he hurt as bad as this. 

After a time off trying to “shake it off” as we used to tell them, he called for mom and me and when we got to him, he was shaking uncontrollably.  Scared us to death!  He laid on the bed and just broke down with tears.  He said, “I’ve worked so hard to get where I am on the basketball team, and now I’ve ruined it like this!”  No words can describe how a parent feels when their child is crying like that.  All we could do at that point was to cry with him and pray that it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

We waited to see the trainer today and he sent us straight to the Bone and Joint Clinic.  The news was what we had feared the most.  He has completely torn the ligament that connects the thumb to the hand.  He could bend his thumb almost straight down to his wrist.  He will have surgery Tuesday and begin the healing process.  The doctor said that it might be six weeks to recovery and most likely eight.  For all practical purposes, his season is over.

Brandon worked to get to the starting team of the varsity and be one of the top defensive players on the team.  He is one of the top assist players, feeding the ball to the shooters like no one else. Just from what I’ve seen, he probably is one of the top players in steals.  His coach told him today that he would really be missed.  His words were, “Brandon plays his guts out, works hard and plays hard.”  He was really nice about it, explaining to Brandon that he needed to not worry, but just get well and get back to the team. 

I know you guys will, but please keep Tabitha and Brandon in your prayers.


6 responses to “Tough Two Days

  • Donna

    Wow! What a bummer. I will pray for them both right now!

  • That Girl

    Man, I hate that! I will put them in my journal!

  • gregengland

    Ouch! that hurts just to read about it. Such a bummer and, yes, that hurts a kid his age about as deep as hurt can go.

  • Laura

    Yikes! Y’all are starting to sound like our family! And that’s not good when it comes to injuries! I really hate that for Brandon. Just help him to remember he still has his senior season and he just needs to concentrate on healing completely and then getting back to it and coming back stronger and even more determined. He can do it. He’s an awesome young man. Let Tabitha know we’re praying for her too and hope she feels better soon! Love you guys!!!

  • Meowmix

    Praying for both of them, and for you and Ellen.

  • cwinwc

    Oh yeah – I feel your pain Bro. I hurt for Brandon but it sounds like he has made a good impression with his coach. Tell Brandon I’ll pass on to the crazy teens you guys hung out with this summer, to lift Brandon up in prayer. Tabitha as well.

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