Surgery A Success!!

I appreciate everyone asking about Brandon’s surgery. Everything went well. The doctor said that the ligament was repaired as expected. It had completely torn from the bone. He is now in a splint. On December 31 we go back to the doctor to probably have a cast put on. After that, two weeks later we will determine if he can have therapy. If therapy can happen, it will, if not, he will have to be casted again and wait another two weeks. Originally the doctor said 6-8 weeks and probably eight.

Pray that he can do what the doctor says to do. I know he wants to hurry the process, but we’ve talked to lots of people who have tried to hurry the process only to thwart the healing. There is a chance he can play again this year, but the doctor said that he would not put him at risk and I’m glad for that.

Thanks for your thoughts and concerns.


7 responses to “Surgery A Success!!

  • gregengland

    Good news on the surgery part. You’re right about people pushing the healing only to make it last even longer. Hope Brandon will take it easy and do what the doctor says … God didn’t give those people those brains for us to ignore!

  • That Girl

    My experience from working at the hospital was that physical therapy was painful and most people wouldn’t finish the therapy. Make sure that you get as much rehab therapy as the doctor will let you get. I don’t think your son will regret it in the long run.

  • Laura

    Glad he’s doing well! We called and talked to him the night of the surgery….those are some REALLY good drugs! We’ll continue to pray for his speedy and complete recovery! Love to all!

  • Meowmix

    Glad surgery went well. Praying for a complete recovery.

  • cwinwc

    I’d love to hear what Laura heard from Brandon post-op.
    Glad the surgery went well. Tell Brandon to only give a thumbs up to doing what the Doctors says to do and not do.

    Start breathing Dad.

  • Donna

    Great news! it is important to keep it moving (my daughter had all of her fingers except her thumb fused…car wreck) you will love mobility if you don’t keep it moving.

  • jel

    came over to wish y’all a Merry CHRISTmas,

    and then read this about your son, ssorry it happen, but glad that his surgery went good!

    in my prayers!

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