The Joy of Giving

This time of year is one of the best times to enjoy the promise of Jesus that, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” Yesterday, I got to enjoy it in a way that was unique for me and brought me more pleasure that I’ve experienced in a while.

You may recall a blog of mine recently about Jon, the One-Arm Drummer. After preaching his funeral, his wife Carol talked to me about having some of his drum equipment. She was extremely generous to say the least. One of the things she wanted me to have was an old drum set that Jon used. This stuff was stored in an old conversion van in their yard. The van had a leak in it that they weren’t aware of and had leaked water into the floor tom. So, when I found this kit, I thought it was pretty much shot.

After getting it home and really looking at it, I thought I might salvage the old kit and possibly make something of it. I polished hardware, painted rims and inside the old floor tom and bought a few parts. Then it hit me. I’m giving drum lessons to one our young boys at church. I might could clean it up enough for him to have a starter kit. So I did.

In the process of all of cleaning, I started researching on the internet the era from which this kit originated. I learned that it was a 1960’s model Ludwig kit. It was one of the same model kits that Ringo Star played. In fact the hardware and set up is exactly the same. It was a vintage piece of equipment.

I have been telling Zack (the kid I’m teaching) that I was going to try and put two sets on the stage for us to use so I wouldn’t have to keep switching in order to teach him. So, when he arrived yesterday, he was not suspicious at all about the new set. I had called Carol, Jon’s to come and be there when I presented the set to him. So she and her daughter and mother came. As soon as she walked in, the tears began. That kit was fixed and clean and she hadn’t seen it that way in a long time.

I told Zach to keep playing and went to talk to his dad a minute. That gave Ellen, and all who were there time to come in. When he finished playing, I went on stage and asked him how he liked the kit. He said he liked it fine! I then asked him if he’d like to take it home and own it. His mouth just dropped and he looked at his dad, as if to get his approval. He said, “Really!!!” I said, merry Christmas. What a great day!!

I helped him break it down and load it up. I can’t tell you the joy that time gave me. What a blessing to see several things: A young man appreciate a really nice gift, a grandmother give away something that was a part of her for years and a direct link to her deceased husband, a legacy of music that ended is now beginning, and one happy old preacher.

I’ve included a picture of the set just to let you know what a gift it was. I’ve also included a picture of Ringo Stars kit to show you the vintage aspect of this whole thing.



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