What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Jesus told them, “Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in God, trust in me.” Jesus told them this immediately after telling them that he was about to leave this world.

No wonder their hearts were troubled. Wouldn’t you have been? I mean the one they thought was going to rescue them from Roman rule was leaving? The only thing they could hang their hat on was going away? The basis for their zeal was about to die. They didn’t know what to do.

I’ve been there. I’ve been there lately. I’m there now in some ways. I am really struggling with what to do. I see all around me the influence of Satan. He wants everything that I’ve worked for to crumble. He wants to ruin my day–every day and he really knows his business well.

I see him in my family, my church family, and the world all around me. His strategy is to divide. Just keep us split and he knows he can conquer. Let that person continue to unnerve me. Let lies spread like wild-fire. Allow a person who is innocent be accused. Any “little” thing he can do.

What I must continue to rely upon is the promise of Jesus. “Believe in God, believe also in me.” The word also says that “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

I must trust. I must rely on Him. I must not give up on God. I know that in the end, He will be victorious. I just pray for this episode of my life to be over. I simply want peace. I want to have the peace that goes beyond all understanding again. I want to not be in turmoil. It is seemingly all around. I am overwhelmed. I feel consumed so much of the time.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? TRUST


4 responses to “What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

  • Meowmix

    I’m there with you. I’ve prayed for you and your family and know you will return the favor.

  • Bill

    May your life be filled with happiness as you daily experience the blessings of God in the New Year!

    Bill Williams

  • cwinwc

    I know the stock answer would be the Bible, God’s Word and that is certainly a good place to go. If you want a personal answer that may or not fit you, I would say for me it would be (if you can find it in the midst of what ever is going on around you) “routine” with a dose of fun.

    For me it would be in my classroom. There is nothing more pure and fun than the dynamic that is a teacher and his or her students. Part of it is the imparting of information but the other part is conversation, finding joy in their coming to knowledge and attempts to make jokes, and just knowing that I am a small part of a time honored process – kids going to schools, teachers trying to teach them.

    Don’t know if that makes sense but that’s my answer. Praying for you and your situation.

  • gregengland

    I think the context is larger than just hearing that he was leaving. Their hearts were troubled because he had just told Peter that he would betray him … three times! This statement we use so often in funerals is actually in the context of tremendous failure!

    As for those people who continually hound you … Jesus said it would be that way and it will never cease. Just stay focused on pleasing the Lord and know the more you do that the more you’ll stir up religious people who know nothing of Jesus or the Kingdom of God. They are focused only on their little view of a small religious segment.

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