The Experiment Day 1 and 2

We started the family experiment on Sunday. So today was the second day of the process.

Day One
Lunch was cooked by Tabitha, our oldest. She prepared a tasty chicken and rice main course along with leftover veggies we needed to consume.

After the meal, we didn’t so much as pick up a plate. The dishes piled high in the sink, but Ellen refrained from putting them away–even bowl that had baked beans. She said, “You know how hard that thing is going to be to clean if left alone?” After some time, the kids cleaned and put away the dishes. There was some “discussion” about how much they “all” did, but not much. There was some laundry done and we even had towels enough for showers.

Later that night the kids went to purchase groceries and upon returning, they discovered that money doesn’t go that far when purchasing food.

Day Two
Today, things were very smooth again. We began with breakfast as usual. We went to the gym and had to take Danielle to the doctor in Huntsville. The kids were pretty much on their own for the day. When we returned home in the afternoon, after being at the office a while, we returned to a nice clean house. Tabitha had prepared tacos and a salad. We had a nice meal.

The only negatives that I have heard so far had been a few comments about who’s doing the most work. That’s part of the whole process. We hope they learn to work together.


3 responses to “The Experiment Day 1 and 2

  • Mr Charles

    What night do you go to your moms and eat? LOL Sounds as if things are going great! Mrs Sheila did ok after your cortozone shot in her back. Dad is doing fairly well at my Brothers. Hope to get him moved here by the church soon. God Bless

  • cwinwc

    Sounds like a good start if they don’t kill each other.

  • That Girl

    One summer, my mother gave me $50 for groceries each week. After that first week of having only snack food, I did ok.

    I hated the clean-up thus the “whoever cooks doesn’t clean” rule. I would RACE home to cook supper so I didn’t have to clean the kitchen.

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