The Experiment Day 3

The kids started back to school today.  So, I knew that the difficulty of running a household would be “upped” somewhat.  One of the things that one of the girls has already said was “when school starts back, it may not be possible for us to….”  Brandon made the comment, “Yeah, basketball practice will happen too and I won’t be able to….”  OK parents of teens, all at the same time say it with me….”THAT’S LIFE.”

That’s really one of the lessons to learn in this process isn’t it?  Just because we get busy with life does not mean that the things in the household stop getting taken care of.  Life goes on.  We still need clean clothes, food to eat, and a neat house for a productive life and being busy with other stuff, no matter how important or unimportant, cannot stop those things from happening.

So far today, that we know of, only one load clothes has been laundered.  If washing, drying, or folding of towels, underwear, shirts, or pants happens only once a day in a household of six people, a problem will  begin to “pile up” quickly.  It’s like taking one step forward and two back.  It only makes the job worse tomorrow.

It is somewhat predictable and I guess expected that the eldest will take control and do what hasn’t been done for the day.  But, tonight the eldest had to work.  Brandon had a game.  So that meant that Danielle and Britney had to cook supper.  Ellen said that she was really embarrassed that the girls were so inept in the kitchen.  How can you mess up instant mashed potatoes?  We learned that just trying to “double the recipe” can create major confusion.  We also learned that if you don’t drain the macaronis after you boil them and then add the cheese, you get really runny macaroni and cheese.  All in all though it was a good dinner.

My proud moment of the day came after Tabitha got home from work.  She came in and saw all the dishes from the super time had been left unfinished.  It was a pretty good mess.  She talked to Brandon and said that he needed to help out and clean the kitchen.  He went without argument.  That was good.  I’d hoped that he would just see it and do it without being told, but I’ll take what I can get at this juncture of the experiment.

Tomorrow night is midweek.  We are planning, if we don’t get too distracted with anything, to meet and see where we are and how we can improve.

I’ll let you know.


2 responses to “The Experiment Day 3

  • That Girl

    Y’all are making me SO nervous. I don’t think I would be able to give up control. I would jump in and do it myself. I applaud you for teaching this lessons. Too many people have had things done for them all their lives and when it’s time to do for themselves, they’re lost. Waiting to hear about Day 4!

  • cwinwc

    Bro – the kids are doing great from my vantage point. Still talking to each other and doing some of the jobs, not bad. I’m with Terri, waiting for Day 4 and clean underwear.

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