The Experiment Day 4

We learned today that Brandon is willing to pitch in more if he is included in the process.  Let me explain.   At the beginning of the week when the kids all pitched in money for groceries, we learned yesterday that Brandon and Britney only put in $5.00 each.  Britney spent her money on a shirt and only had five to give.  Brandon felt like he didn’t have to give because he was not in on the conversation to give $25.00 apiece.  I know that’s not a good excuse, but it was his feelings.

Today we’ve watched a huge change in Brandon because Tabitha had a talk with him (in a kind way mind you) about his lack of help.  Since then, he has loaded dishes, helped cook supper and even helped clean up afterward by loading the dishes again.  I guess there goes Terri’s “if I cook you clean rule.”  His attitude, along with the girls, has been wonderful today too.  They all had a really happy go lucky spirit about them today.

Tonight was mid-week and we had a talk about how it was going.  Brandon said that he felt like he hadn’t done enough up until today and he also said that he would pitch in and buy some more groceries.

We feel like at least two things have improved up to this point.  1.  Cooperation amongst the kids.  They are really trying to work together now.  We’ll see if that last, but we are encouraged today.  2.  They have  learned that dollars don’t stretch as far as they thought either.  That may be one of the best lessons to learn for their future in this whole process.


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