The Experiment Day 5

I think that I’ve really seen some growth in my children this week.  They are working well together.  They are taking responsibility.  They have not asked for a dime in money yet for groceries, and that is awesome.  The cupboard is somewhat bare right now, so we’ll see how that goes, but we’ve been pleased thus far.

Tonight Brandon, Britney, and Danielle, the three youngest had supper duties because Tabitha had to work.  We had hamburger helper and rolls.  Though there were no veggies to go with it, but it was really tasty.

This brings me to the funny story of the day.  It seems that each day we learn something new that our kids didn’t know.  We also have learned that the things they don’t know usually centers on cooking.  Today, they discovered that if you buy hamburger helper, you must purchase the meat to put with it.  You can fill in all the funny blanks there.

Another day with towels and wash cloths in the closet, a clean house, clean clothes, and supper on the table. This old doting father can truly say, “What wonderful kids we have!”


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