The Experiment (From The Kids’ Perspective)

Well, the week-long experiment is done and today we start a new work-week.  I had told you that I wanted to let the kids answer a couple of questions concerning the week.  The two questions were:  “What did you learn about yourself and your role in the household?” and “What did you learn about each of your siblings?”

Just as their week to take care of the household started with Tabitha taking the lead, she was also the first to write her feelings.  After listing some good things about her siblings, she shared about herself.  Here is a quote:

“I learned the first half of the week that it’s hard to manage a house alone and so many times we expect that from mom.  I learned that if I go the extra mile, my mom wouldn’t be so stressed about our house as much.  What we do or don’t do affects everyone in the household at some point.”

Britney wrote next.  She is the youngest in the family–one of the twins.

“I have learned that buying groceries is a difficult challenge.  When you don’t have a lot of money, it’s really hard to cut back on what you really need.”  She said about Tabitha, “I think Tabitha was the mom of the group.  She made sure we stayed on task…even though she was at work most of the time.”

Her twin brother Brandon wrote next.

“I learned that even though I was gone or busy, the time I was here, I was really needed.  This experience  wasn’t quite as hard as I imagined, but now, knowing the difficulty, I can learn to help a lot more.”

Danielle, the middle of four children said,

“I think it helped us all out.  Since this experiment, I have not seen or been in a fight or argument with one of my siblings.  I think the experience went great and it really helped us see what it’s going to be like when we get out on our own.”

There you have it.  I think those are pretty good lessons.

As far as continuing this, I had two votes to stop it and I think that is what we will do.  I hope that it can become a part of their lives–helping around the house– in a more meaningful way.  I hope to that they see that they play a huge role in making things go more smoothly and productive.


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