We have had Spike in our family now for a couple of years.  It’s really hard to believe that a little pound puppy can bring so much joy into our lives.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having, Spike is excited to see me.  I can be gone for five minutes and return and he acts like I’ve been gone a week.  Sometimes, for no reason, he wants to be where I am.  I have even sent him away because he wants to be right under my feet and I almost trip over him.  Yet, no matter how much I yell at him, he’s right there when I calm down to play or just sit in my lap.  He doesn’t seem to let things bother him.  He has no tension, stress, or angry streaks.  He simply exists in order to spend time with his family.  He loves company too.  When people come over, he wants to be with them.  Even when they aren’t friendly to him, he wants to jump and play with them.

He seems so content with life here.  Just keep food and water in his bowl.  Show him some attention.  Love him or don’t, and he will love you anyway.  I think he’s a gift from God.  And I’m glad he came.

random-pics-049Spike not too long after we got him.

spike2Last year sometime.

spike-cigarretteSpike after picking up a bad habit!  LOL


5 responses to “Spike

  • That Girl

    Somebody had to light that smoke and I want to know who it was!

  • cwncw

    Was that the result of the “Grand Experiment” in the Davis family? Poor Spike. 🙂

  • gregengland

    Love that smokin’ dog picture! You know our psycho-puppy first hand, but I still love her and she treats me like royalty. If only Janice … never mind.

  • Donna

    What a cutie….I really want a puppy right now. If I go the shelter I will be in big trouble!!

  • Marnie

    I love that green eye with the smoke. That is so cool. Anyway, thanks for all you, Ellen and the kids did this week and weekend for the yard sale. I think the Lord blessed us in more ways than one.
    Everyone working together as a family for the good of the whole group was priceless. God bless!

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