Faith is Risky Business?

In our Bible class today, we talked about the concept of “risk” involved in our faith.  We began talking about Abraham, Moses, Daniel, and many more examples of faith in the scriptures.  All of these stories have some common threads which run through them which have to do with faith.  One of those concepts is risk.

Risk is involved in our faith from a worldly point of view.  There’s always a sense of risk when it comes to doing things for God that you do not know the outcome.  It would not be faith if we knew the outcome.  Abraham went to a land of which he didn’t know the exact location.   Daniel didn’t know what exactly was going to happen in the lions’ den, yet he had faith.

From God’s perspective, I believe that He probably knows the outcome.  In other words, for us, faith is a great leap of trust in Him, but He is not sweating it. He already knows what is about to happen.

Someone today made the statement, “I just want to be able to look back on my life and know that I did make a difference in some way.”  I think we all want our lives to make a difference.  One thing about those “difference-makers” in the world is the fact that they, at some point in their lives, decided that in order to make a difference I’m going to have to take steps that will look on the surface like taking a risk.  The difference between those who do this and those who do not determines the difference between a life lived in mediocrity and one lived to the fullest.

I don’t know if any of that makes sense, but it challenges me to take steps in my life in the future that may seem risky, but trusting in God to help me in the outcome simply turns all the risk into faith.

Answer these two questions if you will.  1) What’s the most “risky” thing that you’ve done in this world? (As an example, one guy said in class that he took a dive off of a 70 foot cliff in Hawaii.)  2)  What’s the most risky thing you’ve done for God in your spiritual journey? (An example here might be selling things and packing up your stuff and moving into a mission field.)


4 responses to “Faith is Risky Business?

  • That Girl

    I packed up and moved to another state… not physically risky but emotionally risky. That moved has been good for my spiritual growth as well.

    I’m not a risky person by nature but I’m learning to step out a little.

  • cwncw

    1. The “world” risk happen this past summer. A 1000 ft rapel down a mountain in Colorado. Backing off a very safe mountain isn’t normal.

    2. Probably 2:
    2a. Leaving a church that my mother and father had been a part of and died in, a church that we had known as home for close to 20 years, and looking for another church. Central was last on my list of potential new churches but first on God’s.

    2b. Our attempted merger with a Christian Church and the adding of an instrumental service despite knowing that like Richland Hills, we would be voted off the island.

  • Meowmix

    1. Alowing myself to fall head over heels in love at the age of 40+ and staying in the friendship, hoping love would materialize on the other side, for some 17 years. I don’t think I’ve fully chucked it yet. Risky? Definitely…and very painful, but I wouldn’t have missed knowing him for the world.

    2. I don’t know that I’ve done anything I’d consider risky on my spiritual journey unless it’s taking down my barriers and learning to accept my way might not be right all the time. To my old way of thinking, that would have been risky, I guess, but the peace it has delivered me to has been well worth it.

  • gregengland

    Falling in love. It has worked out great for almost 40 years.

    Finally trusting God enough to walk away from preaching ministry to engage in our present ministry. To have stayed in a church position would have been far more “comfortable” but my heart simply was no longer in it, though I loved (and still love) that church family.

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