A New Chapter

dscf6659Last Friday night, January 30, one of our “boyfriends-in-law” popped the question to our daughter Tabitha.  It was a big night for them.  She of course came home with a huge smile and was extremely happy. They have been planning to make it official now for about two or three months. They have set a date for December 12.

This is a new chapter in the Davis’ household–one that we’ve never traveled before.  It is a happy time, but for me, it’s kind of strange.  Thinking about giving my baby girl away to another is almost a sad thing.  It seems like only yesterday that we were taking our first steps and saying our first words.  We were learning how to tie shoes and answering thousands of questions like “Why does that do that” and “Where are we going next daddy?”  Tabitha was a quick learner in all these things.  She talked early, walked early, and potty trained early.  She was always a great student and gave us no trouble with other people.  An absolute parents’ dream.

Some of my favorite times with all my kids, and Tabitha is no exception, was on the ball field.  We spent lots of hours on softball and baseball fields learning about the greatest game in the world (in my humble opinion).  Tabitha was my first baseman (or would that be “base-woman”).  I called her “Scoop.”  She didn’t let much get by her over there.  She was also a power hitter-usually in the number 4 spot on the line-up.

Tabitha has always had a great faith.  She has been taught all of her life that God is a loving and forgiving Father–not a tyrant trying to destroy her.  She has been taught that Jesus died for her and that she is filled with the Holy Spirit.  I am so proud of her faith in God.  She’s like all of us, not perfect and struggling with some things, but she knows with out doubt that she is forgiven and loved by God because of what Jesus did.

We have prayed all of her life for God to be preparing her a mate who would help her live for Him.  After dating two other guys that we thought were not that , she has found a young man who loves the Lord and loves her big time.  His name is Thomas.  He is from the Scottsboro, Alabama.  They actually met on the internet.  I knew I was going to like Thomas wwhen he told Tabitha that his favorite band was Casting Crowns.  Thomas is a quiet kid for the most part.  He is as country as a green bean.  Great southern accent.  He is in college now and is wanting to be a welder.   He graduates this July.

The most impressive theng about Thomas is that he loves the Lord.  Recently I had the honor of baptizing him.  He came to Tabitha after one Sunday and told her that his grandmother (who raised him) would not let him be baptized, even though they were “church” folk.  I don’t know all the ins and outs of that, but I was glad to baptize him into Jesus.

I truly believe that he is the one that God has prepared for our Tabby.  Please pray for them and us as we begin the process of wedding plans.



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