Old Friends

It’s just hard to beat the feeling of being around old friends and lately in my life, God has brought some of my old friends back into my life.

John was a young man I baptized years ago in our youth group.  He is now the worship leader at Friendship Church in Athens, AL.  He came to lead our worship time at the ConXion–read about it below– and did a fabulous job.  I’m so proud of him and the praise and worship ministry he’s doing at Friendship.

Rusty, Darell, Mark, and Mark.  I told you about them a few blogs ago.  We are still working on forming a band to set out to glorify God.  This is the first time in my lifetime that I’ve had the opportunity to put a band together and play primarily Christ-focused music.  Please pray for me that this can happen.  I know I want this and I know they want it too.  It’s just difficult to get our schedules together.  Pray that God gives us time and direction.  We want this to be about Him, not us.

Danny and I talked a few weeks ago after an article came out in a magazine that kind of perturbed me.  I read it to him and it did the same thing to him.  An event that God worked in Danny’s heart primarily and was started by him and me was credited to another individual.  Our names weren’t even mentioned.  Praise God, the event is going well, but the story told in this article  was just not true.  Be that as it may, and I’m trying to leave it there, I’m kind of glad I read it because it brought Danny and me back together.

When we talked about that, I invited Danny to come and speak at our monthly meeting called “The ConXion.”  It’s a high energy worship setting for folks to come together and just worship.  Rusty and John (mentioned in the lists above) came the last two months and shared their songs with us.  That was awesome too–but I digress.

Danny has a story to tell about his life and journey with God that I thought we needed to hear.  To hear about the brokennes of others kind of encourages me in my brokenness.  His story helped us all see that we are all broken and need the Lord so desperately bad.  Danny’s story includes some things that the “church of Christ” has seen as as taboo and unforgivable.  I’ll just leave it at that.

After the evening was over, I told Danny what an encouragement he was to everyone there.  He felt like he was a little rusty and was rambling.  He hasn’t spoken before a group in about ten years so that would make one rusty.  After he floundered some, he just sat down on a stool and just told his story.  Then the really great sharing began.  One encouraging word after another.  An admittance from us to him that we are all broken allowed him to share deeper.  It was wonderful.

We ended the night with “This is How We Overcome” and we gathered around Danny, laid hands on him, and one of our shepherds prayed over him and us.  Wow!!  What a moment!!

I’m glad that Danny was able to come.  I’m glad to have gotten back together with Darrel, Rusty, Mark, Mark,  and John too.  I hope that God will allow me to get together with more old friends and share our journeys with Him some more.  It sure has brought me lots of joy lately.


5 responses to “Old Friends

  • Sonny Owens

    Keith there are several that read the same article. I hope what happened was it just happened and he did not make it happen. I hope the school was looking for good examples to share with others and hopefully they and not he really poured the praise on. I have struggled about Danny many times. I have felt that I let him down. When things happened I went (immediately) to Danny’s house and work place (two different visits). I was devastated at his response. You said, “Danny’s story includes some things that the “church of Christ” has seen as as taboo and unforgivable.” Don’t be to hard on the church. We have made many mistakes. These things that happened are taboo (meaning sinful). They are forgivable. Keith I want to say a lot more but I do not have the ability to write and get my point across. If you ever want to call or come by we will talk.

  • Keith Davis

    All sin is “taboo” to our Father in heaven. He sent Jesus as a cure for it and it cost His one and only Son His life.

    My problem is that we tend to pick and choose which sins are forgivable sometimes. How we treat a person shows this. For instance, a man can destroy his body, the temple of the Holy Spirit by smoking, drinking too much, eating too much, or not exercising and we treat him no differently, but let a man commit adultery and we toss him out. This is not a blanket statement–some won’t, but the church has been cruel to some in certain sins while easy on other people in other sins.

    Does that make any sense?

  • gregengland

    Grace is marvelous! One thing I miss about being so far from “home” is that our ability to re-connect with friends is all but non-existent.

  • gatorfox

    Danny was great. I would not say that he was rusty, maybe just a little nervous like not knowing how he would be taken. I am really glad that he came, and I hope to see him again (I told him that he was always welcomed at Creekside). His story is a good one that can be used by God so that others who are struggling can see an example in him.
    I will be praying for Danny. I saw a man that needs prayer and needs people to just love him, faults and all. I think that is really what we all need. You know what I mean, just love God, love other. I think that it is the Bible somewhere (that was sarcastic, I know that it is in there.)

  • Meowmix

    Truth be known, we probably all have stories like, or similar to, Danny’s. We ARE all broken. Thanks be to God for the broken body of Jesus for He enables us, through himself, to be put back together and made whole.

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