Tomorrow we have planned to leave for Gatlinburg, TN and the annual Winterfest Youth Event.  This is an absolutely uplifting event.  I’ve never gone to a Winterfest event and been disappointed in the message, the worship, and all the fun.  We are taking around fifty from Creekside.

Please pray that this will be an exciting time of spiritual growth and family growth for our church.

Because of the cabin we are in, I’m not sure if there is any Internet access, so I may be out of commission until Sunday night.  We will just have to wait and see.  But, if I get the chance to blog while there, I’ll let you know.

God bless you my blog family.


4 responses to “Winterfest

  • Meowmix

    Hope all is going well. Praying………

  • gregengland

    By the time Winterfest came along, I was long out of the youth scene but I’ve heard only good things about it … if, of course, one can get past the fact they have had Jeff Walling speak there. He is, as you know, a known liberal! 🙂


    Dear Keith hope you have a good time
    i love you man call me sometime we go out to eat
    e`mail me hello Ellen

  • cwinwc

    So, you’re one of those “Winterfest Christians?” 🙂
    It was a hoot to see you last year at Gatlinburg. Steven’s out of the youth group so I’m giving somebody else a chance to receive the blessing you’re talking about. I hear it will be colder this year than last. Enjoy brother.

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