Awesome Night

Last night at Creekside was a tremendous evening of worship and praise.  It was a night when many of our teens made a huge decision in their life.  They made the promise to be pure sexually until marriage.

We hosted a “True Love Waits Rally.”  If you’ve never heard of True Love Waits, you can read all about the concept by clicking here.  In a nutshell, it is a wonderful way to get the message across to teens that sex outside of biblical marriage is not acceptable in any form.  The program encourages teens to sign a covenant agreement that they will remain pure from that moment until marriage.

vinyl-thiefOur night started with the Christian band, “Vinyl Thief.” They are an awesome group of 5 young Christian men who love the Lord and are using their talents to glorify Him.  They were excellent musicians and excellent Christ-like examples to our teens.  One of them even gave his testimony during the message part of the event.  He spoke of the importance of the sexual union being a spiritual thing and not just a physical thing.  Placing it in the spiritual realm meant that when we play around with it, we’re really playing around with Jesus and our relationship with Him.

After the band played, Kenneth Purdum and myself did a “Jeff Walling-like” interview message about the True Love Revolution.  We did this as a Plan “B” due to our speaker being snowed in in Murfreesboro, TN.  God led this all the way.  It was a great time of testimony, video, and interaction with the group.  I think the message came through loud and clear.

Kenneth, at the end of our talk, had all the youth ministers hand out the pledge cards for the teens to sign and give to an adult who would help them stay accountable.  It was a powerful event.  During this time, a young lady, whom I won’t name here, came up to me and said she would like to share her story.  She is a senior in one of our highs schools who at 16 years of age had a baby.  She just felt like this was a gjeremy-swindlereat time to share her story and is really was.

After she shared, the praise team from Crosspoint lead us in more worship.  They blend their voices to lead a group who was apparently hungry to sing.  The singing was dynamite!!  We had about 275 people in our little auditorium and it sounded like 1000.  In fact, several of the kids said the singing was better than Winterfest.  God has really blessed Jeremy and the group with gifts to lead worship and thank God they are using their gifts for just that.

It was a terrific night that ended with encouragement and excitement that I hope carries into the future.  May God receive the glory for the whole event.


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