Spikey Adventure

Our Spike decided tonight to do something that he’s never done.  He decided to try and make a get away.  I can’t believe that he would dare leave such a wonderful place of love that provides his every need.  He gets food, water, shelter, a nice crate in which he sleeps that I thought he was so content.  Oh well.

Ellen was the one to take Spike out for his evening potty before bed.  He’s really good about not wandering off so we’ve stopped putting him on a leash when going out.  That’s probably over, for a while at least.  Ellen had not much more than had time to get out the door, when we heard her scream “SPIKE!!!”  He had seen another dog (unleashed) and began chasing.

Of course, we all thought  something was wrong and began to run for the door.  When I got outside, Spike was nowhere in sight and all I saw of Ellen was her running up the hill across the street.  In just seconds, we were all running (or in my case driving) through the neighborhood yelling for this lost pup.

After some time of searching, I found him and he ran for the car.  After thinking about it, maybe it was not so much a “get away”, but just an impulse.  I think he saw the other dog and just bolted without thinking.  There’s a lesson in that for all of us.  We can find ourselves in real trouble just bolting and chasing after something in the dark.  We could end up scared, alone, and hungry.

To say the least, we really love this little animal.  What other lessons could you see from this little experience.  I may even build a “Spikey Sermon” from your notes.


6 responses to “Spikey Adventure

  • Marnie

    Well, one thing I know is that we sure can’t trust our own flesh for salvation. Thank goodness we have a loving savior who came to find and rescue us from our own foolishness. Phillipians 3:1-11

  • Greg England

    Our psycho-pup, Chipper, does everything without thinking! To let her “roam” un-tethered is a huge mistake.

  • stan peck

    sometimes we run from God, sometimes we run from Satan (which is a good thing), sometimes i think we just run out of fear, panic, paranoia..etc. to escape the life-feeling at hand.

    running can be a good thing at times, didn’t joseph run from sin?…

    spike probably let you down, but spike and you guys may have a valuable lesson now… he’s alive and you’re all well, and really he may have been allowed to do this at this point in time so that he could be saved from death at some other point in time. You know his limitations better!

  • Meowmix

    I see…………………..”never give up on anyone who is lost, spinning out of control, running on impulse……………keep looking for them because you love them and try to bring them home.”

    I’m glad your Spike recognized the car and the person where love and warmth was waitiing……………

  • Mr Charles

    Well, numerous times Miss SweetPea would take a run up the tallest tree when we lived in Tennessee. Now since we moved, she might venture out but not past the front porch. She has learned her lesson I guess. Love Ya Bro! Charlie and Sheila

  • Mr Charles

    Send SPIKE 2 blocks over to our house. I cook ribs on the grill this afternoon and might have a bone or two left for him LOL

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