Broken World

From the time Adam and Eve first ate the forbidden fruit, this has been a broken world.  I guess that it will remain so until Jesus comes again.

Does it seem to you that the older you get the more often you notice the brokenness?  I don’t know if the brokenness is getting worse or if I’m just more broken myself that I recognize it more.  Maybe it’s just that the brokenness has always been there, I’m just more in tune with it and in some ways more accepting of it.  I don’t mean that I get used to it, because I don’t.  I hate it more than ever.  It almost makes me angry sometimes.

I think that things are going “my way” and then brokenness shows up.  Either I fail or someone around me fails and it affects me.  It comes in all shapes and sizes.  There are the little things like stuff breaking and not working like it did when we bought it.  Then there are the big things like family break-ups, envy, murder, sickness, and that list could go for a while.

What’s the answer to dealing with brokenness in this life?  Do we ignore it and hope it goes away?  Do we try and fix it?  I mean, when I break something at my house, I try and fix it.  In fact, my work is kind of a “fix it” work.  Part of what I do is try and help people fix their brokenness.  Isn’t that ironic?  That’s kind of like allowing a broken car work on itself.  Let the misfit try and help other misfits make it through this broken world.  Sounds really strange.

What are some remedies for this broken world?  I know some I could give, but I’d like to hear from you guys.


8 responses to “Broken World

  • Meowmix

    The central thing to do with this broken world is, I believe, found in the two great commandments. Love God……….love others. In loving and trusting God, we give the brokenness to Him, knowing He’s the only one who can really fix it. In loving others, we do all within our power to reach out and help where we can…………and then give them to God. This is where I deposit a lot of little notes in my “God can” and try to leave them there.

    Is this easy to do? No. Do I always succeed in doing it? No. Do I despair at the brokenness every day? Yes; I’m right there with you. It’s one reason I began looking for smiles daily…… the middle of brokenness, I find them. But, still, sometimes, my prayer about it all is simply to close my eyes and appeal wordlessly to Him.

  • Greg England

    Maybe it’s different now, but when I lived where you live and preached in that area, people who came to church were not allowed to admit they were broken! I preached where one of the elders turned out to be a raging alcoholic! He would go over to Memphis and spend days in a drunken stupor then come back and be an “elder” and tell “broken” people they weren’t welcomed in his church because of a divorce! I later met a man whose wife had committed suicide because of the condemnation of this “elder” of her previous divorce. They were told they were not welcome at his church because they would disrupt (my wording) the purity of the church. Go figure.

  • Sonny Owens

    Greg, Why didn’t you expose that elder. Where did you preach at in this area (just wondering)? I imagine where ever there are people these things go on. I have only preached in 3 congregations in this area but never have I heard of someone not being able to admit they were broken. I agree much goes onthat shouldn’t. May God help us where you are talking about.

  • Donna

    I agree with Meowmix…that love is the answer.

    I think it is also vital to have that safe place to bring our brokeness and know we will still be accepted and loved.

  • cwinwc

    Being willing to share our “broken-ness” with each other and realizing that in this sharing, Jesus is there.

  • Greg England

    Sony, I did not know about this man’s problem until after I’d moved away. Too, I should have said people were not encouraged to admit brokenness rather than say they were not allowed to do so.

  • Sonny Owens

    I understand stand. looking back I have not encouraged as much as I should or could. may this be a reminder to help our brethren know that we can come before our Father and our brethren. BTW, where did you preach in the Florence, Area?

  • Stan Peck

    I don’t really have an answer as to what can fix a broken world.

    What i would like to say though, is not everytime a christian should come before God and say, ‘Lord Break Me’… true, God likes to empty our worldly vessels only to fill us with Christ’s fullness..and sometimes it takes God breaking us to get that to happen… but many times, i think Christians are too hard on themselves… wanting always to be humble or like the song says, ‘lord gently break my heart!’. Great song, love it!,, but really, Christ is a gentle person.. and a bruised reed, he will not break.. I think for a christian to mend a broken world, we need insight in how to live and get Christ to respond to us in our present state…rather than always asking to be ‘perfect vessels’…..i prayed along with a friend one time, for instance to be ‘broken by God’… well, both of us ended up mentally deficient later on in life…maybe like a year later.. yes, we both ended up broken, just like our prayers.. (maybe God had to answer those prayers, because that’s what he’s in the role of doing).. but perhaps more simply, we should have simply asked God to “be our friend”… for “we are but vessels and slaves” to him “and are incomplete”…..i wonder how long it took enoch, well, what a silly question, it took quite a while to get God to take him home without dying… i don’t think Enoch prayed powerful prayers to make himself a ‘military like disciple’ first… he probably didn’t gain God’s favor by destroying his flesh and sound mind in order to merit ‘disciple points’.

    God’s grace comes to us when we need it, not always to give us what we think we need!

    yes, i may have gained brokeness in some way by praying such prayers to God, but God may have liked me the way i was before…now i just bet i’m a little hard to tame.

    *so answering your question, well, mending a broken world may come about first by asking, ‘is the world really broken?’… yes, there’s a task at hand… but God has the world exactly where he needs and wants it… he’s big enough to run the thing and has been doing so since the beginning.
    As far as Adam and Eve are concerned, we all in the Churches of Christ believe there was some sort of plan involved beforehand just in case adam and eve messed up… well, if we don’t believe that, i don’t suppose, ‘GOD PANICKED’! at the matter.

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