Concert of Prayer

Wow!  What a night!  It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with my family at Creekside.  The number was smaller than I had wished, but for the first time ever doing this, I kind of expected that.  No matter the number, the Spirit of God was truly in that place last night.

We began with some songs of praise.  I then introduced the night and kind of how the format would be.  We would have scripture read, then break into prayer partners to pray for personal commitment and revival.  After that,  we came together in “huddle groups” to pray for our church to have revival, then we came together to pray as a whole group for our city and the church as a whole for revival.  We then ended with a time of silence to listen to God’s answers.  This was followed by a couple of “songs of prayer.”  We did this sequence twice.

The first round of prayer was toward awakening ourselves, our church, and our city to revival.  We really need an awakening of revival in our personal lives (or at least I do), in our church family (which I feel is happening), and in our city.  To hear voices all over our auditorium lifting up prayers for one another was just a wonderful sound.  There were some who just sat quietly and prayed, while others prayed openly.

The second round of prayers was for God to awaken the mission in our hearts to love Him, love others, and to serve our community.  That is the mission to which our shepherds at Creekside have called us.  It sounds so simple a mission to do those things, but it requires a complete lifestyle change.  We must have a greater vision from within ourselves to see opportunities to serve and that vision is born from a heart that is loving God and others.

Following each of these two segments of our meeting together, we spent several minutes in silence listening to God for answers.  I told the group that the silence was my favorite part of the whole service.  I guess I just don’t work hard enough in my life to have silence.  That is a lesson to me to spend more time in the silent places listening for the voice of God.  Psalms 27:8  says,  “My heart said of you, “Go, worship him.” So I come to worship you, LORD.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve not aloud very often in my life opportunities for God to have openings to have my heart say anything of Him.  I’m much too busy with my life.  Listen to Psalms 37:7 NLT,  “Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for him to act….” Man, I need to take that to heart.

We ended our service with a congregational reading of Psalm 27 and a group prayer. I want to encourage you to read Psalm 27 and I want to share with you this final prayer we shared together.

“Lord we offer ourselves to be answers to our prayers and to live accordingly.  We pray for Your empowerment  in our own lives for ministry.  We offer praise to You our Father  Who will answer our concert of prayer as we live in Your awakening and mission.”

It was an awesome night to His glory and honor.


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