Back To Work

Many would say that it is an oxymoron to say “working preacher.”  So many people will joke with me about what I do saying, “You only work three hours a week.”  To that I always reply, “Hey there are thousands of job openings for ministers all over the place.  You ought to try out somewhere.  Then you could have a cushy job like me.”  If they only knew!

It has been a good week off.  We worked probably harder (at least physically) than what I ever do that’s for sure.    The work really paid off though.  We had the best single yard sale that we’ve ever had.  We got lots of clutter out of the way and made a few bucks in the process.  I did not get a couple of my “honey do’s” done yet, however, and I hope to complete them this week.  It feels really good to get some real things accomplished though.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work.  I hope to go at it a somewhat different way though.  I’m trying to “de-stress” my life some.  I feel so many times that I try and shoulder too much.  I stay too concerned about things like “what are they thinking?” and “where are they going?”  and “why don’t they think like me?” and a thousand other things over which I have no control.

At our prayer concert, I really felt the move of God on my heart to de-clutter my life.  One of the ways I feel prompted about that is to try and learn that not everyone is going to join in on the mission to which God has called us.  Some people may not be as excited about it as I am.  Some may be much more excited about it than I.  I’m going to try and just make the sound of God and hope that more and more people resonate with it.  I just need to let God work out all the details of what that mission is, how it is to be carried out, and who is going to be on board with it.  It’s all up to Him and if I don’t know all about everything or can’t control everything, I must learn to know that I don’t have to.

I end this blog with a side note.  I know that many of you Jedi knights out there felt the disturbance in the force last Friday night when a 71 year old man walked into our yard sale, made me and offer on ALL that was left of my Star Wars items that I had in the yard sale.  I took the offer.  He was purchasing them for his 6 grandsons.  I still have quite a bit and many of the things I have are much better collectibles, but I sold a lot of stuff.  It represented about twelve years of collecting.  It hurt, but when the taxes are due, you must sell.


5 responses to “Back To Work

  • cwncw

    You and my wife must be on the same “prayer party-line.” 🙂
    She is in the “de-cluttering mode” as well.

    So that’s what those 2 “boom-booms” were the other day – a disturbance in the Force. I thought it was the Space Shuttle landing. 🙂

  • gregengland

    After displaying the Stooge items I want in the house, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to get rid of the rest.

  • shoalsdeepsky

    I’m in it for the money! (hans solo)

    you know, we talked about this in class last wed night: “we talked about God’s will.” and “some mentioned that God’s will may not be for me as it is for you”..

    ok…here’s my problem with this? – and there’s a question mark there….

    What was God’s will for Jesus? and why did Jesus say, ‘My father is always at work and I too am working.”…and “My father’s will is that everyone who looks to the son will believe on him”..

    Now, we are to be disciples right?
    and that means following someone..namely Christ here… sooo….why should God’s will for us be any different than Christs?

    yes, i know some passages say that there are some that are evangelists and some teachers…
    but don’t we copp out when and become stagnant when we assign ourselves a role and quit working for the kingdom?

    i don’t think we can be anything other than disciples…. and jesus lays out what that means in the gospels.

  • Meowmix

    So, in the words of a popular commercial right now, is Ellen lowering her cholesterol by eating Cheerios while you do the “list?” 🙂

    “Letting go and letting God” isn’t always easy for us, is it?

  • Donna

    May the force be with you…

    I need the force to help me simplify as well….

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