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More Pics

I couldn’t resist putting these pictures of Brandon’s twin sister Britney on here.  What a beautiful girl!!  Thank God she looks like her mom! (I thought I’d beat you guys to the punch on that one).

Britney Senior Pic 1Britney Senior Pic 2


The Dunk

I thought you guys might enjoy a snip of the final product of the photograph on top of the backboard.  What do you think?  We thought it was awesome!

Brandon Dunk

Brave Photographer

Who says that photographers have it easy?  Brandon and Britney have been getting their senior pictures taken in the last few days.  Few guys do photography as well as Scott Butler at Butler Studio.  He’s not only great at taking pictures, he dreams up ways to make them unique and fun.

The picture below is not the best quality, (I actually took it with my phone) but I wanted to share it with you to show you what lengths he goes to take the best photos.  He has been talking about shooting Brandon’s basketball pics in a gym.  That’s normal, but he wanted to get him dunking with the camera angle above the goal.  I expected a ladder, but not him climbing up on the top of the backboard.  I can’t wait to see the final product.

0721091841Photographers  like Scott have a kind of inspiration.  They are able to see things that most people would never see. He took my kids downtown and in areas where you wouldn’t thing pictures would be great, he made some awesome shots.  It’s a God-given talent that he possesses and one that he has become very successful doing.

Thanks Scott for going to the lengths you do to “get the shot.”  It means a lot to us.

Childish or Childlike?

It’s amazing how a few letters here and there can make a word completely change meaning.  The difference between “childish” and “childlike” is daylight and dark.

Jesus told the disciples to become childlike.  That is, have the forgiving heart of a child.  Don’t be too quick to judge harshly.  Think the best in people–not the worst.  Always scold in ways that you would want to be corrected.  In essence–humble yourself and become “like” this little child.

Childishness has absolutely nothing to do with maturity.  It is selfish.  It’s wanting “my” way no matter what it costs you.  Babies cry when they are wet, hungry, or hurting.  They have no concept of things going on around them.  The simply want it and they want it now.

God help us to have the heart of a child in the maturity of Jesus.

Awesome Day

My first “official” day on the job was today.  Things went really well.  It’s really a fast paced atmosphere in sales.

I’m the “old guy” by 10 years.  Most of the people in sales are youngn’s.  I’m old enough to be their daddy in most cases.  I think that probably gives me a little advantage.  I’ve got more experience with people.  I’ve got a family to feed.  And I really care about doing a good job.

Anyway, at the end of a very long first day, I’m just really confused and perplexed at all the numbers, forms, and just being on my feet all day.  I feel very blessed to have this opportunity.  Until something comes along that’s better, I’ll continue on.  By the way, the boss man was very happy with my day.

Our little church family is going great right now.  They are a wonderful group of misfits who just want to love on one another.  Please continue to pray about that.  Where God leading us we don’t yet know, but we continue to trust in Him.

I’m going to bed now.  Got a longer day tomorrow.  This work in the “real world” is crazy, but I feel good about it.

Love you all.

Such Encouragment

Being back for just one blog seems so encouraging that I had to just write another short one tonight.  The power of friendships is amazing.  It hurts to sever them–even to the very core of our being.  At the same time, it feels indescribable to see the way that friendships lift us up.  I can’t say thank you enough.

Pray for me tomorrow (Saturday).  I start a new thing in my life.  I’m titled “Fitness Consultant” for Gold’s Gym.  Imagine that!!  I know what you are thinking Greg, “Yeah Keith, I’ve seen you and you don’t look like a ‘Fitness Consultant.'”  I’d have to agree.  Even with the weight loss (some of which I’m in the process of trying to lose again), I still don’t fit that title.  Actually, it’s a little misleading.  We simple show the gym to people and talk with them about joining.  That’s right “salesman.”  I like “Fitness Consultant” much better.

I’m kind of excited about it.  It’s definitely different than what I’ve been doing.  Pray for me.  I’m being baptized in the fire tomorrow.  Saturdays are one of the busiest  days of the week.  We are opening a new pool and walking track tomorrow too.  I’d really like to get a few sales on the first day.  We’ll see.

God bless every one of you my friends!!!!

Blog Silence Is Broken

Wow, what a whirlwind my life has been since my last blog.   During that time when I was looking for what it was that God was doing (still doing that by the way), I became very discouraged and that is the reason for the blog silence.  Discouragement can send you into a tailspin and, if you let it, it can send you out of control.  I’ve made lots of mistakes during this time and for that I’m sorry.

Here are some things I’ve done, not in any particular order, since the blog silence:

I am no longer the pulpit minister for Creekside Church.  That is a long story that I don’t plan on putting in print, so if you need to know what’s going on there, you can contact me  if you wish.  Just please pray for the church atCreekside and for us. I love that church family dearly.  I put a lot of time and energy there and am sorry that it came to an end the way it did.

I’ve started a new internet business in the Web-Education Industry.  I am still in training for this, (just a few weeks) but it is a wonderful company with a great Phase 1 product that can set me financially free when it takes off. If you are interested in any information about starting a homebased business in an industry that is doing $100 billion in business in the world, just email me and let me know.  I’ll send you the information.  (

I am beginning Monday to serve as a sales associate for Golds Gym here in Florence.  (All of you Shoals area folks who read this please take note.  It’s a commission only job.  If you want to join a gym or know of someone who wants to join, call me please.

I am currently working with a group of people composed of close friends who want to meet in homes and worship God at various times in the week.  That’s been such a blessing and a refuge for me.  I will never stop ministering to people in and out of the kingdom.  No matter what I do “for a living” I plan to never stop sharing Jesus with people in whatever venue that comes my way.  I’m just going into the doors that God opens.  It is a faith walk like I’ve never been a part of.

I really don’t know what God is doing with all this.  I guess that’s part of the whole faith deal.  I’ve had one morning where I cried out to Him in a way that was, for the lack of a nicer way to say it, very immature and angry.  Other than that day, I’ve not doubted once that He was going to take care of me and my family through all of this.  He is faithful and will take things that we do, whether in His will or not, and work them together for something good.  I hold Him to that promise in this.  He will never leave us nor forsake us.

I had a very good friend tell me just yesterday, “God is not through with you yet.”  He also gave me a word from God that said, “God You brought me into this ministry.  I didn’t look for You, You looked for me and You didn’t bring me into this work to see me fail.”  I think that is just awesome.  God has called us to change the world with the message of Jesus and He will empower us to do so.

I want to thank all of you, my blog family, for your prayers, your calls on the phone, your emails, your contacts on Facebook, and just for being there in spirit for us.  I don’t know how I would have handled all of this without friends.  God bless you all.