Awesome Day

My first “official” day on the job was today.  Things went really well.  It’s really a fast paced atmosphere in sales.

I’m the “old guy” by 10 years.  Most of the people in sales are youngn’s.  I’m old enough to be their daddy in most cases.  I think that probably gives me a little advantage.  I’ve got more experience with people.  I’ve got a family to feed.  And I really care about doing a good job.

Anyway, at the end of a very long first day, I’m just really confused and perplexed at all the numbers, forms, and just being on my feet all day.  I feel very blessed to have this opportunity.  Until something comes along that’s better, I’ll continue on.  By the way, the boss man was very happy with my day.

Our little church family is going great right now.  They are a wonderful group of misfits who just want to love on one another.  Please continue to pray about that.  Where God leading us we don’t yet know, but we continue to trust in Him.

I’m going to bed now.  Got a longer day tomorrow.  This work in the “real world” is crazy, but I feel good about it.

Love you all.


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