Brave Photographer

Who says that photographers have it easy?  Brandon and Britney have been getting their senior pictures taken in the last few days.  Few guys do photography as well as Scott Butler at Butler Studio.  He’s not only great at taking pictures, he dreams up ways to make them unique and fun.

The picture below is not the best quality, (I actually took it with my phone) but I wanted to share it with you to show you what lengths he goes to take the best photos.  He has been talking about shooting Brandon’s basketball pics in a gym.  That’s normal, but he wanted to get him dunking with the camera angle above the goal.  I expected a ladder, but not him climbing up on the top of the backboard.  I can’t wait to see the final product.

0721091841Photographers  like Scott have a kind of inspiration.  They are able to see things that most people would never see. He took my kids downtown and in areas where you wouldn’t thing pictures would be great, he made some awesome shots.  It’s a God-given talent that he possesses and one that he has become very successful doing.

Thanks Scott for going to the lengths you do to “get the shot.”  It means a lot to us.


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