Monthly Archives: August 2009

Half Way To Ninety

Well, if I live as long as I have already, I’ll be ninety years old.  It’s just really weird to think of it that way.

So far in my life, I’ve been blessed to do so many amazing things.  I’ve experienced high school days that were let’s just say, less than spiritually impressive, but exciting nonetheless.  We should have been dead many times, but for some reason our families were spared the nightmare of hearing about a car crash or drug overdose.  Those were the good old days for me.  It was a time of very little responsibility, and lots more freedom than I deserved.

Some of my favorite memories of high school surrounded music.  I played in the marching band which was so much fun.  I also played music with a bunch of guys.  We played rock and roll and were pretty good for the time.  It was our life.  We were either in school, working, playing music or on our way to play music.  It was the best of times.

I’ve experienced family.  Growing up in a great (not perfect) family was a real blessing.  Mom and dad were not that well off financially, but I never remember missing a meal.  We always had nice clothes to wear, something in the way of transportation, and a roof over our head.  Christmas and Thanksgiving were always filled with family gatherings.   Most of the time there was lots of sports, food, and fun in the mix.  Someone always brought a football or some backyard fun.  Food would be everywhere and it was all delicious.  I was very blessed with many great cooks in my life.

I’ve experienced marriage and family of my own.  I could not have done better than Ellen for a bride.  Nearly 26 years ago we tied the knot and boy did Brother Kretzer tie a good one.  Together we have born 4 wonderful kids (Well, Ellen did most of the work there).  We have been so close for so many years and all of them have been awesome.

I’ve experienced ministry.  Right now is a painful time in that aspect of my life, but I know that God is watching over me in it.  We’ve had tough times before and He carried us through.  I know He’ll do that again.  The majority of the time I’ve spent in ministry has been with young people.  I’ll have to say that the majority of the time I’ve spent in ministry has been great.  The good certainly has outweighed the bad.  I feel one thing very strongly in my heart.  I will be back one day.  I don’t know the details right now, but I feel God working on my life already.

Being in this mid-life has it’s ups and downs.  I sometimes get life on my mind and think, “What a wonderful experience!” and other times, I think, “When is this all going to be over?”  No matter what, I just think that is a part of this whole journey.  The ups and down’s of this life are many, but we can learn something in all of it.

There are some things that I really want to accomplish in this life before it’s over.  I started to list some of them, but I know that some of them will just make people wonder which planet I’m from.  I can hear all the objects or questions now.  So, I’ll just keep those accomplishments to myself.  Just know that I don’t consider it all done yet.

Thanks for reading the thoughts of this middle-aged, average, man.  In some respects, your reading this is more honoring and a blessing that I can’t describe.   Thanks, and may all your days ahead be filled with God’s blessings.