“I Really Miss You”

Tonight we went to the Muscle Shoals Drum Line expo. They have this event once a year. Drumlines from all over our area come together and set up in a huge circle. The audience gets in the middle of the circle to watch each group. There are some really great groups who come.

The cool thing about this event is that there is no competition. The lines just play there warm up drills, cadence, and their show music. They all cheer for each other and there is a feeling of family in the air. Without the competition everyone is together in an elite group.

I really miss my kids not being a part of the band. It’s something that was an intricate part of our lives for almost eight years. Now it’s a thing of the past and it really is tough to think about sometimes.

One of the little girls who is still in the drumline came up to me tonight and smiled and said, “I really miss you Mr. Davis.” It brought a tear to my eye. To know that someone misses me is a great feeling. She has no clue how much she encouraged me.

I take that as a lesson. When you feel like there is an encouraging word, don’t hesitate to express it. You never know when that is God prompting you to say something that will change a person’s life.


3 responses to ““I Really Miss You”

  • Meowmix

    Absolutely. One of the guiding precepts of my life is to try and offer encouragement. Receiving it is also nice.

  • Donna

    What sweet words to hear…I miss you.

  • Greg England

    I sent an email earlier this week to a couple I’ve not seen at worship lately. She wrote back and was amazed that anyone missed them and thanked me for simply writing an email. Promised they’d be back this Sunday … they’d just been “a little slack.” We missed last Sunday and not a word from anyone. I think I’ll write myself an email. 🙂

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